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Soft Tissue Therapist (Senior)


Sporting, spine and nerve issues

Soft Tissue Therapist (Principal)


Running injuries and running mechanics


Chronic pain, stress and anxiety                                          

Nicole Punch – Hip, abdominal and pelvic issues


Hannah Wilson

Lymphatic drainage and Lymphoedema Management

Soft Tissue Therapist


Sporting, postural and lifestyle injuries (workplace issues)


Kristian Collins

Acute sporting injuries, knees and shoulders


Sporting, postural and workplace issues                                                  


Penny Wood

Neck and postural pain, nerve pain, chronic pain, stress, anxiety, women’s health

Megan Paterson

General Concerns

 Gerard Bourke
General concerns

Mischa Calnan

Dancers, foot and ankle injuries


General concerns   

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General maintenance and stress   

Casey Ivey

General maintenance and Lymphatic issues


David Peirce

Posture, weekend warriors and headaches

Angus Collins

Chronic pain/injury, injury prevention, posture and lower back issues

Tom Stuart

Sporting Maintenance especially football codes and surfing

Greg Burgess

General sporting maintenance and workplace aches and pains

Georgia Tzavalas

General maintenance

Pilates Instructors

Trudi Wharton 

Annette Read 


Ashlee Bye

Exercise Physiologist

Marcus Jolly   

Emma Redman  


James Dimarhos