Clinic 88 offers rehabilitation programs for those with acute or chronic injuries. The rehabilitation programs are tailored to suit the individual needs of the client. Clinic 88 can offer integrated passive and active therapies to gain the best results. All exercise programs are conducted by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, within Clinic 88’s Rehabilitation Gym.


The Pro-Active Program is designed to help the client regain physical functional capacity and allow them to self-manage their condition.

Pro-Active Includes

  • Initial Physical Assessment & Report
  • Intensive 6-10 week individual, supervised exercise program (may include hydrotherapy); with home program; 3 times per week
  • Soft tissue therapy if required
  • Pain management education if required
  • Ongoing self management plan
  • Physical Review at 5 weeks & Report
  • Final Review at 10 weeks & Report – discuss future options

Pro-Active Strength or Work Hardening Program

The Pro-Active Strength/work hardening program is designed for those who have greater functional capacity, but need a specific strengthening program to condition them to their job. The focus of this program is to functionally strengthen the client such that they will be able to complete their work activities comfortably and safely and prevent any further injuries.  The program is generally 6 weeks in length, three times per week (varies with demonstrated pathologies on imaging) and focuses on postural awareness and education and postural strength, general and specific mobility to the pathology and work environment and then strength endurance for the work environment.

Pro-Active Strength Includes

  • Initial Physical Assessment & Report
  • 6-12 week (depends on degree of pathology and degree of loss of function/conditioning)  individual, supervised exercise program with home program; 2-3 sessions/week
  • Soft tissue therapy if required (to alleviate pain or mobility inhibition to exercise rehab)
  • Final Review & Report – discuss outcomes and future options/opinions